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Our waste solutions enable you to make optimal use of the space available while improving staff waste handling.


Your Waste Volume

The Waste Trolley offers practical solutions to dispose and sort trash onboard while optimizing the volume of waste trolleys. With its advanced water-tight design, cabin crew can now efficiently sort, separate, and recycle extra waste including liquids.

This universal waste solution offers flexibility within your fleet with regards to work space, waste management, and weight that will be appreciated by the cabin crew.

Sort materials efficiently and decrease waste volume by 13%

Stack cups and decrease waste volume by 60%

Available in full size and half size trolleys

Sorting bin

  • Sort, stack, and separate items and liquids while maximizing the trolleys‘ available space.

Tilting bin

  • Easily converts any existing half-size meal trolleys to waste trolleys.
  • Offers an additional opening for more entry space for top-loading waste.

User friendly

  • Tilting bin allows for additional space utilization on top of the trolley during trash collection.
Tilted Bin

The tilted waste bin can also be used while stowed in the galley for a more efficient and functional use for cabin crew.

Plug and play sorting accessories

Multiple lids and bin options

  • Normal Bin
  • Tilting Bin
  • Sorting Bin