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The Retail Trolley provides airlines more efficient ways to improve passenger shopping experiences.

Your On-Board Sales

The Retail Trolley creates the opportunity for airlines to promote their duty-free goods and/or other merchandise in a more engaging and organized fashion. The top of the trolley is designed to allow stacking and sorting of items, creating more space for cabin crew to operate.

Duty-free goods or snack/beverage service items can now be visually displayed on top to maximize promotion and for passengers to easily see.

Increase your onboard sales with
enhanced displays
Attractive product display
enrich passenger experience
Maximize item assortment
quick display set up
Visual flaps
  • The top of the trolley is designed with flaps that can be flipped open.
  • The design can be interchangeable for visual enhancement or advertisement purpose.
Brand your own trolley
  • Personalize your very own trolley panels to communicate any retail partnerships or brands you would like to promote.
Versatile trolley
  • The top of the trolley is the most versatile and can be utilized in multiple ways.
  • Drawers or other accessories can be placed on top and stacked for extra space.