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November 13, 2023

Waste Trolley Solutions for Clean Recycling and Disposal

Onboard cleanliness is vital throughout the transportation business. Passengers evaluate your organization in large part based on cabin appearance and hygiene, with overall tidiness making a lasting impression. Staff likewise see increases or decreases in their morale — and their overall health — depending on how neat and clean their workspace tends to be. Over time, such sentiments have a real impact on the loyalty as well as the quality of both passengers and staff.

Transportation providers should therefore take special care to optimize their waste collection, disposal, and recycling processes, as the right investments in these areas will pay reputational dividends throughout the life of the company. To the extent that their waste solutions facilitate the recycling of relevant waste materials, those reputational benefits may increase even more.

Our advanced Waste Trolley products were designed with these priorities in mind, delivering flexible customization options combined with excellent overall utility and convenience.

Ideal for all conditions

With multiple sizes and accessories to choose from, our trolleys are the perfect fit — whatever your waste disposal needs. We provide full-size and half-size waste trolleys, along with ‘plug and play’ accessories, to give your staff exactly what they need to maintain their cabins with ease.

Our multiple lid and bin options include a normal bin, tilting bin, and sorting bin, depending on the needs of your team.

The tilting bin can be used even while the trolley is fully stowed in the galley, letting your staff manage waste at all times throughout the journey. The tilting bin also opens up to provide extra space on top of the trolley during trash collection, as needed. Moreover, it can be used to convert existing half-size meal trolleys to waste trolleys. These and other features, such as cup stacking, enable our tilting bin to decrease overall waste volume by as much as 60% during journeys.

Just as impressive is our sorting bin option, which lets staff separate solid and liquid waste as needed. Its ability to sort and stack waste materials unlocks improvements in both speed and convenience, as well as a decrease in overall waste volume by 13%. The optimized design of our sorting bin also maximizes internal space, letting service staff collect and store even more waste inside.

Durable materials, sustainable outcomes

All models and accessories are light-weight, water-tight, and built to last, serving as a universal waste solution for your entire fleet. Their intuitive designs let your cabin crew efficiently collect, sort, separate, and recycle all types of common waste, including liquids.

These benefits let our Waste Trolley products bring significant improvements to the workspace of your staff as well as the leisure space of your passengers. Our trolleys reduce clutter by optimizing waste volume, add convenience by helping staff sort and store waste easily, and serve the environment by facilitating the recycling of collected materials.

Although such advantages may seem subtle at first glance, they will be noticed and appreciated by passengers and crew alike. They also enable a more modern and sustainable approach to waste management — an increasingly important value among both passengers and crew. Perhaps most of all, a well-run waste management system sends a positive and reassuring signal to everyone involved, showing that your company cares enough about their well-being to provide the very best.

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