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October 2, 2023

Hybrite S: The Do-It-All Trolley for Convenient Onboard Catering

Service is best when it feels like magic to the customer. Whatever is desired, they need only ask and it will appear before them in an instant, with a minimum of noise, fuss, or delay.

Service industry professionals, of course, know that this kind of magic is little more than high-quality engineering and design, alongside a bit of practical experience.

At Driessen, we’ve put over 80 years of experience into our Hybrite S trolley. Designed and refined for the demanding world of onboard catering, the Hybrite S is lightweight, convenient, and almost endlessly flexible in its available configurations, letting crew serve customers routinely and with ease.

A review of its key features helps illustrate why Hybrite S is such a popular choice for onboard catering.

Smart: The Hybrite S provides easy-access storage, with a variety of tray, divider, and drawer configurations — and no wasted space. This lightweight trolley also has convenient handles, flip-over or pull-out tables, vents for circulation, and intuitively placed flaps for managing rubbish. The trolley top extrusions are designed to attach a variety of accessories.

Strong: The Hybrite S is built for extreme durability. Its minimalist design reduces potential operational complications, letting the trolley easily endure the wear and tear of turbulent transport.

Secure: A variety of simply-to-operate latches and locks keep the Hybrite S under the full control of your crew. Its contents are also kept in place via dividers, to prevent damage or disarray when in motion. To minimize the prospect of unauthorized tampering, our design ensures that no screws are accessible from the outside. Stainless steel locks are also available for extra protection.

Smooth: No matter how you configure your Hybrite S, its operational performance remains nimble and ergonomic — letting your crew move easily through the cabin and focus their full attention on serving your customers. Because the trolley is so carefully designed and engineered, your staff will learn its features quickly and operate it with ease.

Our team’s commitment to high-quality design and engineering brings additional benefits over the long run. For starters, it makes the Hybrite S easy to maintain over time, facilitating any occasional repairs it may need over its extended lifetime.

It also allows for superior levels of flexibility. Its trays, dividers, runners, locks, doors, handles, brakes, drawers, wheels, base, and other elements come in a variety of options, allowing for over 100 different overall configurations to best suit your operational needs, keeping food and refreshments conveniently accessible and at the right temperature.

Yet the versatility of the Hybrite S goes beyond practical considerations to embrace aesthetic needs as well. All of its panels and matching Hybrite S containers can be made to display any artwork you choose, so that the trolley integrates seamlessly into the visual style of your cabin.

Taken together, the effect of these features is transformational. With the Hybrite S, virtually everything your crew needs is right at their fingertips, enabling instant service for customers. It’s simple in concept, but made possible through highly advanced engineering just beneath the surface — just like magic.

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